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Virtual Tours

When you hear the term “virtual tours”, you might visualize a series of still pictures put together in a video with music. The tour might also include transitions/movement between pictures. You might also visualize someone walking through a home with their cell phone taking a video to share online. However, we offer something far more powerful – a digital, 3 dimensional (3D) model of a home, business, or any indoor space.

You can use our virtual tour of a 3D model to sell your home, promote your business, document your home’s contents for insurance claim purposes, and explore a venue for an event such as a wedding for about the same as having someone come in to take pictures and receive much more value.

What is 3D?

2D rendering of a 3D box

A space has 3 dimensions – width, depth and height. You may have seen a drawing like the one to the left (above on mobile devices) showing rendering of 3 dimensions in 2 dimensions (a piece of paper). A picture captures 2 dimensions, but the person viewing the picture can’t effectively judge depth (the 3rd dimension).

The 3D models we create can be used to provide floor plans and capture any pictures within the model. If a photographer comes to your home to take pictures, if shots you wanted were not taken, the photographer would have to come back. Using our 3D model we can “take” additional pictures directly from the model without needing to come back to your home.

How Does a Virtual Tour Work?

We come to your home, business or event space with a specialized camera from Matterport and scan the space. The camera is moved several times to completely capture the space. Our application guides us to show us the areas we have scanned and the areas we still need to scan. After the scanning is complete usually taking a minimum of 1 to 2 hours, we upload the scans where they are processed into your 3D model. Once complete, we will provide you with an internet link which you and others can use to explore the virtual tour.

Tour this beautiful hilltop home – amazing views

Promote your business

The 3 dimensional (3D) model allows people to navigate the model on their computer, phone, or using Virtual Reality goggles (VR is not just for games anymore).

If you use your computer to navigate the 3D model, you can use the following controls to fully explore every inch of the space with your computer’s mouse or the cursor keys on your computer’s keyboard – you are virtually there!

Mouse commands to explore a virtual tour

Virtual Reality (VR)

You may have seen people using Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles to play games, but VR is being used for more than games. There are a number of VR Goggles on the market, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to experience virtual reality.

We own an Oculus Go, and we are happy to show you how others can view your property.

Our models can be viewed through VR Goggles at no additional charge.

Click here to read an article which further explains virtual reality. Google Cardboard uses cardboard to create a viewer which can hold your mobile phone very inexpensively. You can even build your own – click on the image below to full instructions on how to build your own VR Goggles.

Click here for instructions to build your own VR goggles.

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