Tips for Successful Virtual Tour

Instructions for residents for a successful 3D scan of your home.

  1. The residents must not be in or around the area (visible through the windows)
  2. Turn on all lights
  3. Turn off all ceiling fans or any other moving objects
  4. Put toilet lids in the closed position
  5. Put any personal items you want to remain confidential out of sight
  6. Make sure pets are not in the area to be scanned
  7. If there is a garage please let us know if you want it scanned and remove the vehicles.
  8. Lighting is key so if there is a very dimly lit room consider extra lighting.  You may find blinds or window coverings adjusted when you return as we needed to control too much or too little light.
  9. If you have any personal pictures or certificates on the wall and do not want them made public please remove them or cover them up.  Our software can blur most but generally some may end up in the tour.

Overall, know that if a person would see it walking through your home in person they will see it walking through virtually.  One area in Arizona we like to point out is ceiling fans.  We can’t help it, they just get dusty and once they are stopped it really stands out.  This does show up in the scans so for the best pictures we recommend a quick dusting.

While we are on site we will use sanitary protocols.  These can include gloves, hand sanitizer and wipes, as well as limiting what we touch.  The lights will be left on in order to meet these standards and touch as little as possible.  Your peace of mind and health are important to us.  If you have any sensitivities to these procedures or need to let us know anything that will help us with our own safety please tell us prior to our appointment.  We promise to treat your home with the utmost respect and care.